Matcha Drinks


Matcha is a kind of green tea from Japan. It has a variety of effects, can enhance your energy and mood, and is rich in antioxidants to help metabolism. As the health concept of matcha is well-known to the public, more and more people are beginning to drink matcha and develop a variety of flavored drinks suitable for themselves. I believe you have already enjoyed many works on social media.

The following are my favorite 3 methods of making matcha drinks. You can learn in 1 minute.

Come and enjoy the beautiful moment brought by matcha drinks.

1.Easy matcha green tea latte (hot or ice)

Matcha powder 2g + powdered sugar 10g + warm water 12ml (mixed with tea whisk)

Heat 100ml of milk and froth it, then pour into the cup.

Making Latte art

If you want to drink iced matcha latte, just add a few ice cubes.

Matcha Latte Recipe

2.Iced Matcha Green Tea Frappe

Milk: 100ml + Heavy cream: 15ml(1tbs) + Gum syrup 10g + Vanilla: 2.5ml(0.5tsp) + Ice cubes:150g

Put the above ingredients into a blender, after stirring, pour into 2/3 of the cup, then add the following mixed and stirred ingredients

Milk: 100ml + Heavy cream: 15ml(1 tbs) + Gum syrup 10g + Matcha powder: 15ml(1 tbs) + Ice cubes:150g

Finally, cover the surface with a layer of cream, sprinkle with matcha for decoration, and finished.

Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino Recipe

3.Matcha Milk Cap

Ice cubes 120g + Matcha 80ml + Milk 100ml successively poured into the cup.

Mix 50ml of light cream with 10g of sugar, froth it to make a milk cup, then pour it in.

Matcha Milk Cap Recipe

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