Matcha Dessert


The cake ring is pulled apart, the milk cap falls like snow, dip in your mouth with your fingers, the sweetness of the silk is soft, and slide it comfortably over the tongue fur. The soft and soft cake embryo, the unique matcha bitter fusion milk cover and honey beans, is just right sweet.

This cake should appear in the sunny yard, where cats and cat-loving girls live. After all, cute creatures should live a sweet life.


Matcha Powder12g
Boiling Water48g
Egg Yolks3
Vegetable oil21g
Low-gluten Flour48g
Baking Powder5g
Egg White3
Lemon Juice1/2 lemon
Honey Red Bean5g
Light Cream250g

Steps to make avalanche matcha cake

Step 1

Sift 12g of matcha powder twice, add 48g of boiling water to brew, stir until no particles.

Step 2

Mix 3 egg yolks with 30g of sugar and mix well, then add 21g of vegetable oil and mix well.


Pour the matcha liquid from step 1 (it needs to be poured multiple times) and mix well.

Tips: After mixing each time, pour the matcha liquid again to avoid separation of water and oil.

Step 4

Sift 48g of low-gluten flour and 5g of baking powder into a well-mixed liquid, mix evenly in a Z-shape, and matcha batter is complete.

Step 5

Pour 3 egg whites and a little lemon juice into an oil-free and water-free basin, add 30g of sugar in 3 portions, and beat with an electric egg beater until the foam is thick. The protein paste is made.

Tips: If you like the smooth taste, you can stir the egg whites to pull out the complete sharp corners.

Step 6

Add the finished protein paste to the prepared matcha batter in 3 portions, cut it clockwise and mix it gently, and pour it into a round mold (6 inches I used).

Tips: Be sure to stir gently and not for too long to avoid defoaming and cause the cake body to be not fluffy and soft or may sink

Step 7

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees for 20 minutes, put the matcha egg white batter mixture in the 160 degrees oven, bake for about 50 minutes, take it out, and invert to cool down.

Step 8

After the matcha cake is cooled and demoulded, use a cake ring (the 4-inch I used) to trim.

Step 9

In the center, use a small cake ring to dig out the middle part of the cake (but don’t dig to the end), and put an appropriate amount of honey red beans into the middle part.

Step 10

Pour 50g of milk, 250g of light cream and 30g of sugar into the pot, whipping with a hand-held eggbeater until slightly solidified, and put in a pastry bag.

Step 11

Wrap the cake body with a transparent hard mousse ring (be sure to wrap it tightly), squeeze the milk cap and sprinkle with matcha powder.

Step 12

Pull out the mousse circle and enjoy the avalanche .

Step 13

Matcha avalanche cake is complete!


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