Are you a matcha fan?

I think if I have two stomachs, I can eat a lot of matcha food, but just think about it. Eating too much matcha will damage the stomach. I can’t stand it even if I have two stomachs. Matcha is alkaline, ingesting a moderate amount can balance the body’s acid and alkali. Excessive consumption will lead to excessive alkalinity and cause indigestion.

Ceremonial VS Culinary

Matcha can be divided into ceremonial grades and culinary grades, which is a classification used in markets outside of Japan. Ceremonial grade matcha usually harvests the youngest, greenest, and most delicate leaves, high quality, without adding anything, It is suitable for drinking alone. Certainly, you can also use ceremonial-grade matcha to make gourmet food, which is not cost-effective, because you will lose the pure matcha flavor. The cooking grade matcha can be used for roasting, making latte coffee, making smoothies, etc. and is more affordable.

Best Culinary Grade Matcha

As a matcha lover, it seems that happiness is the fresh sweetness of matcha in your mouth. Think about it, this is a pleasant thing to have a cup of matcha latte on a lazy afternoon. Delicious and relaxed go hand in hand, it will make us full of spirits. I like the beautiful color of the matcha and all the benefits it brings.

With the popularity of matcha, it is now more and more convenient to buy matcha, and it also increases the difficulty of identifying high-quality matcha. So what kind of matcha should you use to make a dessert with bright colors and a strong matcha flavor?

Aprika Life

My first contact with matcha was at Starbucks. The matcha latte is a new Starbucks product. I was always curious about the new things, so I looked forward to the beautiful cup of matcha latte from the waiter. Yes, its color is so beautiful that I think the taste should be as beautiful as the color. After I tried it, I think you have guessed it, I threw it out because it was so bitter and rough. When I thought all matcha was like this, I was wrong and didn’t realize there were so many factors to high-quality matcha powder. My good friend Lili bought Aprika Life and use to make a matcha latte. It was amazing! So smooth, not bitter at all.

Zen Spirit Culinary Grade Matcha

I added a spoonful of this kind of organic matcha powder to the smoothie. After tasting, I can feel the rich and fresh fragrance of matcha. Drink a cup of matcha smoothie on a hot summer day, cool and refreshing, I hope that it is summer all year round. The purchase also comes with an e-book containing 10 simple matcha recipes, but I don’t recommend that you follow the recipe exactly to make food. Recipes are magical knowledge, step by step, I feel that I have lost my soul.

Jade Leaf Culinary Grade Matcha

This organic matcha tea powder produced in Uji, Japan has been tested for heavy metals and radiation. The taste is lighter and slightly bitter. It is suitable for a latte, smoothies, baking, etc. I added it to the mousse cake, just like the matcha love story of Moore Manor, used to impress my beloved girl.

KENKO Culinary Grade Matcha

One day, my little daughter told me that she wanted to eat cookies. On a whim, I added Kenko matcha powder to the flour. When I put the baked matcha cookie in front of my daughter, the sense of accomplishment and the daughter’s praise to me are all my precious memories. This matcha powder is a bit bitter. If you like sweet, you can put more powdered sugar in the recipe.

Kiss Me Organics Culinary Grade Matcha

I use it to make matcha ice cream. I ate the last Hagendaz in the refrigerator. To get the children’s forgiveness, I put matcha ice cream in the refrigerator as compensation. Well, I am the beneficiary.

In the end

What is the best, it is difficult for you to define, maybe it was a matcha experience that my mother took me to Tokyo when I was a kid, and it happened that I tasted the taste of childhood in this brand. Every recipe has a story, if you don’t taste it, how do you know which story is the most touching? Welcome to leave your story to me.

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