If you want to drink a good cup of matcha tea, you have to go through several steps, it is not as convenient as other drinks, don’t worry that it has too many steps, this process will calm your mind and focus your thoughts. When Japan first introduced matcha, it was used by monks to concentrate their thoughts, and later evolved into a ritual, a way of life, living art that combines religion, philosophy, ethics, and aesthetics. This is a way to appreciate the beauty of matcha, so how should we show the life art of matcha?

When putting matcha powder, you can also use a sieve to filter matcha to reduce the possibility of matcha powder caking.
Water temperature recommendations: winter (75 ~ 85 ℃), summer (70 ~ 80 ℃).

Although this simple brewing method can also enjoy delicious matcha, but compared to the traditional Japanese brewing method, it lacks a little charm. The traditional method is full of ritual, There are have strict requirements on the location of the tea set, how many sips of tea and the orientation of the bowl mouth. If you are interested you can click on the video below, it perfectly presents this visual feast.

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