The recent trend of matcha is rising rapidly. Not only can you see beautiful pictures shared by everyone online, but you can also see matcha in physical health shops, coffee shops, and even dessert shops. Matcha has a variety of health benefits, making it one of the most popular beverages.

As we all know, green tea is a healthy drink, and matcha is a special kind of green tea, so it has all the advantages of green tea and contains unique nutrients. They are planted and processed differently. Matcha grows by shading, the chlorophyll and amino acids will increase, which will give matcha a vibrant green color. After harvesting the tea leaves, remove the petioles and veins, and then grind them to a fine powder with a stone mill. This is what we saw as matcha. Because the whole leaf is ingested, the caffeine and antioxidants in matcha are higher than in regular green tea.

Research on matcha tea has found that it can help protect the liver, promote heart health and help reduce weight,

Here are the 6 health benefits of matcha, all of which are science-based.

1.Rich antioxidants

Matcha contains a large number of catechins, which are 137 times larger than other green teas. Catechin is a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants can well neutralize excess free radicals, help cells protect against free radical toxicity, and help to prevent the diseases caused by free radicals. Proper drinking of matcha tea can increase antioxidants in the body, help stabilize cells, promote repair and prevent chronic diseases. (Free Radicals and Antioxidants)

2.Protect heart health

Studies have shown that green tea can reduce bad LDL cholesterol and help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Matcha tea has similar nutrients to green tea, combining matcha tea with good eating habits to form a healthy lifestyle helps protect heart health and prevent disease.

3.Protect liver health

Through metabolism, the liver breaks down and excretes non-nutrients inside and outside the body, which has a powerful role in removing toxins and metabolizing drugs. The liver plays a central role in human health. Studies have found that drinking matcha tea can help protect the liver from fatty liver disease and significantly reduce enzymes that cause liver damage. But, most of the research is based on the effects on animals and Turning to humans needs more experiments to prove.

4.prevent cancer

There are many health-promoting compounds in matcha, including compounds related to cancer prevention. One study found that green tea extract reduced tumor size in mice and slowed the growth of breast cancer cells. Another test-tube study found that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) can inhibit the growth of prostate and lung cancer cells. Most of these findings are based on test-tube and animal studies, and how this result translates into humans needs more research.

5.Improve brain function

Matcha has been shown to improve concentration, memory and response time to help strengthen the brain. A study of 23 people found that drinking matcha tea improved attention, response time, and memory compared to other drinks. Consuming 2 g of matcha every day for 2 months can improve the brain function of the elderly. Several studies have shown that improving brain function is related to caffeine. Caffeine in matcha is higher than green tea and lower than coffee. Research has also found that matcha has L-theanine, and L-theanine and caffeine have a synergistic effect, which can improve alertness and avoid side effects such as decreased ability levels caused by caffeine intake.

6.Helps to lose weight

Most research to help lose weight has focused on green tea extracts. But, matcha and green tea are from the same plant, and matcha should have the same effect. Studies have found the intake of green tea extract during exercise can increase fat burning by 17%. Reviews of various studies have also pointed out that green tea extract can reduce weight and maintain weight loss, it helps accelerate metabolism, promote fat burning, and has a great effect on weight loss.


Although there are many health benefits of matcha, this does not mean that you can consume matcha without restriction, otherwise, it will bring you harm. Everything is the same, you should be temperate. The media has reported that some people cause liver problems due to excessive daily intake of matcha tea. So how much Matcha tea should you drink a day? There is no answer. Everyone’s situation is different, someone can consume more matcha, and others may be allergic to some of the ingredients in matcha. For your health, be sure to enjoy matcha in moderation, try not to exceed 2 cups a day, and stick to it.

Look for organic certified matcha teas to prevent pesticides, chemicals or heavy metals from contaminating the taste of matcha teas and your health.

Matcha is easy to prepare and can be used in recipes to add more flavor to your life. See here for how to prepare matcha.


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